The Corporate Team

Winterflood’s corporate team looks after around 50 corporate clients with an aggregate market capitalisation of approximately £26 billion (as at May 2019). The firm has experience of sponsoring all manner of corporate events from fund raisings to returns of capital; from mergers to demergers; from changes of policy to changes of structure; and, importantly, to advising retention of the status quo. Apart from acting for the boards of closed-ended funds, the team is well known to most, if not all, of the management groups operating in the closed-ended sector, has good working relationships with the specialist advisers to the sector, legal, accounting amongst others, and, of primary importance, is very well known to the main investors in the sector, institutional and retail.

Given this strength and depth, the corporate team is able directly, and with the assistance of sales and research colleagues, to offer strategic advice, market intelligence, technical advice on operational issues affecting funds and transaction advice and sponsorship of transactions, as required. The corporate team has legal, accounting and actuarial experience and is well accustomed to acting either on specific corporate events or simply providing ongoing advice for existing corporate clients. Our first priority is to our existing clients but we are well prepared to become involved in constructive new initiatives too, in what continues to be an evolving sector.

A list of our corporate clients is available on this website and, on request, we can provide particular information on our transaction experience, which is as extensive as any firm in the sector.

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