The Investment Trust Team

Winterflood Investment Trusts is a full-service listed-fund team, covering the entire UK listed closed-ended funds sector and with the strength and depth to provide trading, sales, research and corporate advice. The team is well-resourced and has many years of experience of the sector. The team operates principally from London but has a representative office in Edinburgh and the sales team, in particular, make regular visits to other financial centres around the UK and the Channel Islands.

Winterflood Securities is an international capital markets firm based in London, covering more UK stocks as a market maker than any other firm. Winterflood’s strengths lie in a combination of traditional trading values and the performance of our own proprietary cutting edge technology. The trust team has been an integral part of the firm since 2002. Winterflood Securities is a subsidiary of Close Brothers Group plc, a FTSE 250 group of specialist financial services businesses.

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